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Tooth Extractions

Depending on your oral health, at some point in your life, you may need to have a tooth extracted. We understand that some people have severe anxieties when visiting the dentist, particularly for a tooth extraction procedure. It’s scary to think about the process, especially if the communication between you and your dentist is not free-flowing. At the Beverly Hills Medical Center – Kuwait our patient’s comfort is our number one priority and we always strive to explain everything thoroughly and answer all patient questions. We are also open to discussing what type of anesthesia or sedation you would prefer for the procedure. We strive to help our patient’s be comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

Tooth Extractions Beverly Hills Kuwait

Tooth extraction may be needed for any number of situations. Maybe, you are having over-crowding in your mouth or need to have your wisdom teeth taken out. More severely, you may have a tooth that is extremely damaged and beyond any type of repair. Your board-certified dentist has most likely tried to repair the tooth, but sometimes not even a crown of tooth filling will solve the problem. At Beverly Hills Medical Center – Kuwait, we will do everything in our power to try to repair any damaged teeth. However, when this is not always possible, extraction may be your best option.

The dentists at the Beverly Hills Medical Center – Kuwait are highly trained and skilled professionals, and as long as the tooth extraction is completed in a proper way, the patient should experience only a small amount of pain with will have a quick healing time with a reduced risk of infection.

At Beverly Hills Medical Center – Kuwait we will discuss with you all of your tooth extraction options and make sure that we choose to go with an option that best fits you personally and make sure that you are comfortable with the decision. Our goal is to help you achieve the smile of your dreams and our patients mean the world to us.

If you are experiencing severe pain and think you may need a tooth extraction, please contact our cosmetic dental office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I need a tooth extraction?

A: Your board-certified dentist will recommend the procedure that is right for your individual needs. However, you may be a good candidate for a tooth extraction if you have any of the following symptoms: severe mouth pain, trouble opening your jaw, swelling of the gums, jaw or facial swelling, gum infection and discharge.

Q: Are there risks associated with not having a tooth extraction when necessary?

A: The short answer is definitely yes. There are a number of risks associated with prolonging necessary tooth extractions, and your entire oral health could be compromised. Additional complications can include: painful headaches, tooth-shifting, development of periodontal diseases and cavities and cyst and tumor formation.

Q: Are there alternatives to tooth extractions?

A: Generally, tooth extractions are a last resort before periodontal diseases can occur. Therefore, dentists will typically try everything that they can before using this option. So, unfortunately there are not really alternatives for this dental measure.

Q: Are there certain questions that I should ask my dentist before the tooth extraction procedure?

A: We strongly encourage open communication between patients and dentists. Therefore it is imperative to ask your dentist any questions before the procedure, especially if you have any anxieties or fears about the tooth extraction. A board-certified dentist can speak to a patient about how complex the procedure will be as well as discuss medication treatment and options.

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