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    Laser Hair Removal

    At the Beverly Hills Medical Center of Kuwait, our team of expert aestheticians will help you get the smooth, hairless skin you have always wanted. If you are tired of getting bumps, nicks, or burns from shaving, tweezing, of waxing your unwanted hair, laser hair removal is a tremendous option well worth considering. Laser hair removal is a simple, safe, and highly effective procedure that has been proven to provide amazing results.

    What is Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser Hair Removal Beverly Hills Kuwait

    Laser hair removal is commonly used to remove unwanted hair, eliminating the need for routine shaving and waxing. This procedure can be performed on any area of the body, and works by targeting the hair follicle with an intense pulsating beam of light that works because it selectively targets melanin found in the hair. By selectively targeting melanin, the laser finds its way into the follicle, gradually heating it up until it destructs. Not only does it kill unwanted hair, but laser hair removal also inhibits future hair growth. The laser treats hair follicles that are in the growth cycle and slows the growing capacity. This, in turn, leaves your skin hair free and smooth.

    Most often, people seek laser hair removal for excess hair in the face, neck, bikini area, stomach or abdomen, upper lip area, underarms, back, and/or legs.

    Because the laser can scan the skin, as opposed to treating one hair at a time, it is possible to treat large areas in just one treatment option. However, because some hair follicles may enter their growth cycle after your treatment, multiple treatments are required to deliver complete and lasting results.

    Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

    While the effectiveness of laser hair removal depends on a number of factors, it usually works best on patients with light skin and dark hair. Unfortunately, the procedure does not work well for grey hair, fine blond hair, or red hair. When the skin color and hair color are too similar, the laser has a hard time targeting the melanin.

    The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today, and it is considered to be a relatively painless procedure. Although all individuals respond to the treatment differently, most patients compare the feeling of laser pulses to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin.

    The procedure is equally popular across the globe, and it is now also generally accepted in the dermatology community because of numerous significant studies affirming the benefits of the treatment. Laser hair removal is considered to be a relatively safe treatment option, although there is a slight risk of mildly burned skin, some discoloration, white spots, and mild swelling.

    With that said, please know that lasers are extremely useful for removing unwanted hair from your body. Benefits of laser hair removal include, but are not limited to:

    • Provides long-lasting results
    • Can treat the entire body
    • Selectively targets dark hair, while leaving surrounding skin undamaged
    • Treats large areas of unwanted hair quickly

    If you plan on getting rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal could very well be a great option for you. For more information, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of the renowned aestheticians at the Beverly Hills Medical center of Kuwait by calling +(965)-222-89999 today!

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