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    5 Benefits of Undergoing Cataract Surgery

    If you are experiencing decreased vision in one or both of your eyes, cloudiness in your eyesight may indicate that you are suffering from a cataract. A cataract is an eye disease in which the lens, which should be clear, becomes cloudy, foggy or opaque. There are a few different kinds of cataracts, including:

    • Age Cataracts: The result of aging eyes. Although cataracts don’t always occur they are very common.
    • Congenital Cataracts: The result of injury or infection in babies or small children.
    • Secondary Cataracts: Resulting from diabetes, certain drugs, or radiation.
    • Traumatic Cataracts: Forming after a major injury to the eye.

    Main Symptoms of Cataracts

    Cataracts require a visual medical examination in order to be determined. However, there are some main symptoms that typically occur when a cataract has developed.

    • Repeated changes in prescription of glasses
    • Increasingly blurred vision
    • An intense glare from lighting
    • Attenuation in brightness and coloring of objects

    Cataract surgery has an overall 98% success rate, making it one of the safest surgeries that can be performed. Due to advances in technology and techniques of cataract surgery, complications are very rare. Living with cataracts makes everyday life extremely difficult and can be very unsafe. For example, night driving can become increasingly difficult. When cataracts have developed on the lens of your eye, oncoming headlights become blinding, clouding overall vision. Light from overhead streetlights often has the same effect, making driving, which is a necessity of everyday life in most cities, next to impossible. In some cases, licenses are revoked due to overwhelming decrease in eyesight caused by cataracts.

    Benefits of Cataract Surgery

    There are many benefits to cataract surgery. This type of surgery affords an almost preternatural restoration of clear vision. This procedure is one of the few that can turn back time, allowing patients vision to return to that of their youth. Some of the benefits include:

    • Improved Color Vision – Removal of the cataract keeps colors in your vision from becoming tinged, allowing color to be much more vivid and vibrant after surgery.
    • Improved Clarity of Vision – Visual acuity is typically improved, allowing patients to enjoy activities like reading and watching television with sharper, clearer vision.
    • Increased Independence – After surgery, eyesight should improve to such a degree that driving is made possible, and a driver’s license can be regained.
    • Improved Quality of Life – Improved vision allows the patient to become involved in hobbies that may have been difficult or impossible before surgery.
    • Reduced Dependence Upon Corrective Eyewear – The lens implant used during cataract surgery may be able to compensate for poor eyesight due to nearsightedness or farsightedness. Although glasses may be needed for some activities, like reading or driving, it’s entirely possible that glasses will not be necessary at all times. In the case that glasses are required to be worn at all times, the lenses will be much thinner, making spectacles lighter and more attractive.

    Contact Beverly Hills Medical Center-Kuwait Today

    If you are suffering from poor eyesight, you may have developed cataracts that can be removed through a simple, outpatient, cataract surgery. To contact Beverly Hills Medical Center- Kuwait today simply fill out the online appointment request sheet or call +(965)-222-89999, to get started on improving your eyesight and overall wellbeing.

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