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Dr. Ghassan Zein

Fellow, Harvard Medical School
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    5 Thyroid Myths

    The ENT experts at Beverly Hills Medical Center of Kuwait often face the same old thyroid myths. That is why we decided to present five of the most common myths about thyroid disease that are circulating among practitioners and patients.

    Myth #1: TSH is the only test needed to guide both diagnosis and treatment of thyroid imbalances
    While many practitioners rely on the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test as the means of diagnosing thyroid disease, other thyroid blood tests are also important in coming to a correct diagnosis. A growing number of innovative doctors believe that symptoms are a much more reliable way of diagnosing and following thyroid problems.

    Myth #2: Thyroid disease is easy to diagnose and treat
    It is, in our opinion, extremely unfortunate that “easily diagnosed, easily treated” is a mantra used by some practitioners. In reality, many innovative doctors, and millions of patients, know that thyroid disease is a complex, multi-faceted condition that requires a variety of approaches to diagnose and resolve.

    Myth #3: Only older women develop thyroid problems
    A woman in her 60s has a 1 in 5 chance of developing a thyroid problem, but they are not the only people who develop thyroid conditions. Women are actually vulnerable to thyroid conditions at any age, and men of all ages also develop thyroid diseases.

    Myth #4: Thyroid conditions are contagious
    It is easy to understand how this myth has developed, as people in close proximity to one another often develop thyroid conditions. But the truth is it is not possible for the disease to spread from person to person. It is, however, often inherited.

    Myth #5:
    If you do not have any symptoms, you do not have a thyroid condition
    Let’s just put it this way: 10 million people in American alone are believed to suffer from undiagnosed thyroid conditions.

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    If you have thyroid disease, speak with your primary physician or schedule a consultation with one of our thyroid experts by calling +(965)-222-89999 today!

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