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Fellow, Harvard Medical School
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    Beverly Hills

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    Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

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    Femto-LASIK Surgery

    At the Beverly Hills Medical Center – Kuwait, we offer the most advanced bladeless LASIK technology in the world, the Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite.  This state-of-the-art laser allows us to provide the most innovative Femto-LASIK (bladeless) procedures in the entire Gulf region.

    Beverly Hills Kuwait offers an easy-to-access and unique location that is attached to the world-famous Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait. We have renowned doctors fly in from all over the world, including chiefs of different established departments, professors from top schools and programs around the world, and Harvard-trained experts. Our huge center, which takes up two entire floors of the Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait building, offers VIP doctors, outstanding patient service, EMR, and the absolutely latest technology. Our center has attracted patients from around the world, and there is nothing else like it in the entire gulf.

    Femto-LASIK Expert Ophthalmologist Kuwait

    LASIK, which stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis which is also called laser eye surgery, is a surgical procedure intended to reduce an individual’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses. The procedure, when performed by one of the skilled surgeons at Beverly Hills Kuwait, will reshape of the cornea, the clear covering of the front of the eye, using an excimer laser.

    Are you interested in LASIK eye surgery? Kuwait doctors at Beverly Hills Kuwait perform Femto-LASIK, also known as blade-free LASIK. Instead of a stainless steel blade, the flap is created by a femtosecond laser, an ultra-fast, highly precise system which places millions of laser spots at a precise depth underneath the surface of the eye. Blade-free LASIK provides the patient with the highest level of safety.

    How does Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery work?

    Femto-LASIK Surgery KuwaitFemto-LASIK (bladeless) is one of the safest and most effective vision correction procedures. Femto-LASIK is an in-office outpatient refractive procedure that is used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

    During Femto-LASIK surgery, Kuwait doctors use a laser to reshape the cornea which is the transparent layer on the front of the eye that covers the iris and pupil. The shape of the cornea determines whether you are nearsighted (myopic), farsighted (hyperopia), have astigmatism, or presbyopic (both near and far-sighted). What the laser does during Femto-LASIK (bladeless)or laser eye surgery is re-shape the cornea to improve the way the eye focuses light rays onto the retina and in turn, improves your vision.

    Femto-LASIK (bladeless) is a two-step process and actually one of the more simple medical procedures to understand. The first step is how the ophthalmologist will gain access to the deeper layers of tissue in the cornea. This can be done in two different ways: with a laser or with a keratome (blade); both methods are effective and safe. At Beverly Hills Kuwait, we specialize specifically in blade-free LASIK. The second step is the reshaping of the cornea which can only happen with a laser. There are several lasers that can perform both steps and it is important to be knowledgeable of the laser(s) being used during your Femto-LASIK (bladeless) procedure or laser eye surgery. For more information on this, we encourage you to contact us.

    Bladeless LASIK or Femto-LASIK

    Femto-LASIK (bladeless) is a form of refractive eye surgery similar to LASIK that creates a corneal flap with a femtosecond lasermicrokeratome rather than with a mechanical microkeratome, which uses a steel blade. The only difference between LASIK and Femto-LASIK is the method by which the LASIK flap is created. The actual refractive correction by corneal ablation can then be performed with any excimer laser that is able to perform LASIK eye surgery. Femto-LASIK can also be used to surgically create monovision to enhance the ability to see objects both distant and near for those affected by presbyopia.

    The WaveLight Femtosecond Laser

    The WaveLight is the best technology on the market. This laser boasts faster flap creation, tailored performance, and the utmost precision to give you the best vision possible.

    Precise and predictable outcomes
    Standard flap creation in 6 seconds
    Automated vacuum control of the patient interface for consistancy
    Fast visual regeneration

    Tailored Performance
    Adjustable flap centration after suction is applied
    Sub Bowman Keratomileusis
    Intracorneal ring segments

    Unique Cutting Patterns
    Sharp cutting edges
    Smooth stromal beds
    Easy to lift flaps
    Minimized opaque bubble layers

    Bladeless LASIK Surgery Beverly Hills Kuwait

    Am I a good candidate for Femto-LASIK (bladeless) Surgery?

    Good candidates for laser eye surgery are at least 18 years of age, in good health, and free of eye diseases. A laser vision correction candidate also needs to have held a stable prescription for at least one year to ensure the best results.

    One common misconception is that if you have astigmatism you are not a candidate for Femto-LASIK (bladeless), which is not true. The lasers can actually easily correct astigmatism since it is just a type of shape of the cornea. In fact, millions of patients with astigmatism have had their vision corrected.

    If you are pregnant or nursing, you are not a good candidate due to the fluctuation of your hormones. Certain health problems, including uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune or vascular disease, and other immune system compromising conditions could render a patient ineligible for the procedure. It is important to discuss any health issues and eye problems with the doctor during your initial consult, including severe dry eyes, previous surgery or injury, and any conditions that may affect healing, so that we can help you determine if Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery is right for you.

    With all of this said, know that most people are candidates for laser eye surgery. This is one of the most dramatic procedures you can have because you can go from barely being able to see one day to potentially seeing 20/20 the next.

    Femto-LASIK eye surgery cost can vary based on your prescription and needs, as well as the technology and equipment used. It can typically cost between $2,000 and $4,000 per eye. Be careful of some of the lower fees advertised, as they may be bait-and-switch techniques, involving unreasonable conditions and restrictions, or the laser center may be using older, outdated technologies such as microkeratome (which involves the use of a physical blade).

    Risks of Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery

    While Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery outcomes are extremely favorable and this is one of the safest procedures you can have. Additionally, the cornea is the fastest healing area of the body. Every surgery or procedure has risks of complications. The most common side effect of Femto-LASIK (bladeless) is dry eyes. Dry eyes is typically a temporary side effect of Femto-LASIK and goes away after a month.


    Before Femto-LASIK (bladeless) Surgery

    You are required to stop wearing contact lenses prior to the surgery, for a minimum of two to three weeks or longer as instructed by the doctor. You will also need to arrange for a driver to accompany you to your procedure since you will not be able to drive afterwards. Make sure you have the eye drops prescribed by the ophthalmologist for you filled so that when you go home you are prepared to take care of your eyes. On the day of the surgery, eat normally, wear loose, comfortable clothing, and refrain from wearing any perfume or make-up.

    After Femto-LASIK (bladeless) Surgery

    You will not be allowed to drive on the day of your surgery, so you must arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure. During the first few days after having LASIK, you may feel some irritation and tearing. Your eyes will be sensitive to light and you will need to wear sunglasses when outdoors. You will need to wear a shield over your eye for the first few nights or when sleeping, and you must avoid rubbing your eyes for several months. There will also be eye drops you will need to use that were prescribed before the procedure and will help prevent any issues. Last but not least, to make sure that your eyes are healing properly, keep your scheduled follow-up appointments and follow the instructions given to you by your physician.

    Femto-LASIK (bladeless) FAQs

    femto lasik bladeless kuwait

    Is Femto-LASIK (bladeless) permanent?

    The laser permanently changes the shape of your cornea. However, your eyes may undergo natural changes in shape as you grow older, or your vision may regress. Although for most people, the procedure results in long-lasting vision correction, some may experience slight changes in vision and may wish to undergo an “enhancement” procedure to correct these changes.  Less than 10% of patients ever need enhancements after having undergone Femto-LASIK (bladeless) eye surgery.

    How long will it take my eyes to heal from Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery?

    Most of our patients see 20/20 by the following day, however your eyes will continue to heal for up to a month after the procedure. During the first six months after Femto-LASIK (bladeless), you should avoid high-impact activities to ensure that the flap that was created is not dislodged. However, other than that you can resume all normal activities. In most cases, LASIK recovery is quick.

    Will I still need reading glasses after having Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery?

    Everyone needs reading glasses at some point, as the ability of the eyes to focus on objects up close decreases as we age (a condition called presbyopia, which usually occurs at approximately age 40). Depending on your age, you may need to wear reading glasses after having Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery. An alternative for people with presbyopia is to have monovision Femto-LASIK (bladeless), which may lessen or eliminate the need for reading glasses.

    Monovision is where your dominant eye is corrected for distance and your non-dominant eye is corrected for reading. Your brain adjusts and focuses on the eye needed depending on your activity. Typically, we will try this method first with contact lenses to see if you would be comfortable with it. Most patients either love it or hate it and so it is imperative to try it out before undergoing a monovision Femto-LASIK (bladeless) treatment.

    How long does the Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery procedure take?

    The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes, approximately 10 minutes per eye. However, expect to be at the facility for 1-2 hours for prep, pre op instructions, pre op exam, testing, etc.

    Will I be awake during theFemto-LASIK (bladeless)  procedure?

    Yes, but you will be given medication to relax. Also, your eyes will be numbed with drops, so aside from a little pressure, you most likely won’t feel anything during the procedure.

    Do I have to have one eye treated at a time during Femto-LASIK (bladeless)?

    No. Typically both eyes are treated during the same visit, however you can treat one eye at a time if for some reason this makes you more comfortable. Generally, it is the norm to treat both eyes on the same day.

    Can I resume normal activities after Femto-LASIK (bladeless)?

    Almost immediately after surgery you can resume your normal activities.  Running, working out, and sports are okay, except for swimming which should be avoided for about two weeks. Contact sports like basketball, football, etc. can be done shortly after Femto-LASIK (bladeless) , however we recommend for a period of at least 3 months wearing protective eye shields while playing to ensure your eyes do not get hit and risk dislodging the flap.

    Can I have Femto-LASIK (bladeless) if I have astigmatism?

    Yes, astigmatism is routinely corrected through Femto-LASIK (bladeless), more than 60% of patients who undergo Femto-LASIK (bladeless) eye surgery have some astigmatism.

    wavelight refractive suite kuwat

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    If you are considering Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgery, schedule a consultation with a Femto-LASIK (bladeless) surgeon at Beverly Hills Kuwait today by calling +(965)-222-89999!

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