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Dr. Ghassan Zein

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    Dry Eye Treatment

    Beverly Hills Kuwait offers an easy-to-access and unique location that is attached to the world-famous Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait. We have renowned doctors fly in from all over the world, including chiefs of different established departments, professors from top schools and programs around the world, and Harvard-trained experts. Our huge center, which takes up two entire floors of the Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait building, offers VIP doctors, outstanding patient service, electronic medical records (EMR), and the absolute latest technology. Our center has attracted patients from around the world, and there is nothing else like it in the entire gulf.

    Dry Eyes Treatment Beverly Hills Kuwait

    Dry Eyes Causes

    Dry eyes occur for several reasons including blocked tear ducts, lack of tear production, eye strain and sometimes a lack of oil on the outermost layer of the tear film. Sometimes, something as simple as staring at a computer for 8 hours a day without taking breaks or using eye drops can cause dry eyes and consequently blurred vision. There are other causes such as medications like antidepressants, can worsen dry eye symptoms. The same is true for wind, ceiling fans, air conditioning, heating, living in a dry climate, excess sun exposure and environmental allergies.

    Dry Eyes Symptoms

    Treating dry eyes is very important because dryness in the eyes causes irritation, blurriness, lack of ability to concentrate, redness, inflammation, and pain. The long term effect of dry eyes, especially severe dry eyes, will be damage to your vision.

    Common symptoms of dry eyes include:

    • Pain
    • A gritty sensation
    • Itching
    • Blurring of vision
    • Redness
    • A feeling of a foreign body or sand in the eye
    • Light sensitivity
    • Discomfort to light (Photophobia)

    Dry eye treatments

    Dry eye treatment is usually first managed with artificial teardrops. Most patients can use over the counter artificial tears, which your eyes cannot develop an addiction to. However, if your symptoms are severe your eye doctor may prescribe high viscosity tear substitutes which you can only get through prescription. In such cases, the patient needs to use tear substitutes under the care of his/her eye doctor. Oral medications are also available to treat severe dry eyes, especially in people who have a combination of dry eyes and dry mouth.

    One of the treatments for dry eyes may be low potency corticosteroids, such as topical cyclosporine drops, which can be prescribed to enhance the efficacy of tear replacement. Cyclosporine is considered to be both safe and effective for long-term use, and reduces the inflammation caused by dry eyes.

    There are many treatments for dry eyes and it is very important to work with an experienced and skilled ophthalmologist to determine the cause of your dry eyes, so that the true source of the symptoms can be treated.

    Dry eye surgical treatment

    Surgical treatment for people with tear deficiency includes closing the holes (puncta) that allow what few tears are made to drain away from the eye and into the back of the nose. The puncta may be closed using hard silicone or semi-permanent foam-like plugs, which can be removed at any point if the dry eye condition improves. However, because there are occasional complications with the plugs, permanent surgical occlusion may be a valid option for some patients. Conditions such as eyelid malposition, poor eyelid closure, and incomplete eyelid blink are most often managed with eyelid surgery.

    In general, significant dry eye is a chronic condition that may gradually worsen with time, and it requires careful monitoring and treatment by a skilled ophthalmologist to ensure that you do not have permanent loss of vision. Because there are many different treatment options available and many causes of dry eyes, make sure you discuss your options with one of our eye care specialists.

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