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Dr. Ghassan Zein

Fellow, Harvard Medical School
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Head & Neck Surgeon
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Dr. Ghassan Zein

Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Opthalmology Consultant

Prof. Jorge Alió, MD


Prof. Kenneth Wright, MD

Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Los Angeles

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    Annual Eye Exam

    Beverly Hills Kuwait offers an easy-to-access and unique location that is attached to the world-famous Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait. We have renowned doctors fly in from all over the world, including chiefs of different established departments, professors from top schools and programs around the world, and Harvard-trained experts. Our huge center, which takes up two entire floors of the Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait building, offers VIP doctors, outstanding patient service, electronic medical records (EMR), and the absolute latest technology. Our center has attracts patients from around the world, and there is nothing else like it in the entire Persian Gulf.

    Annual Eye Exam Beverly Hills Kuwait

    While some people actually have concerns that warrant exams or office visits more often than once per year, we would like to stress the importance of annual eye exams, even though you may be perfectly healthy. One must understand that an eye examination is not only a simple vision check, but a series of tests that not only checks your eye sight, but also neurological function, eye pressure, eye muscle coordination, and health of the external and internal eye structures. Often, there can be subtle changes in your vision, eye pressure or the back of the eye that you may not feel or notice. The reason it is important to have your eyes checked is because these subtle changes and signify eye disease that if left untreated can cause major long-term damage.

    Additionally, many diseases show early warning signs in the eyes, signs that even a normal physical exam would not catch. Having your eyes checked by an experienced eye doctor is crucial not only to your vision but your overall health as well. Diseases such as sickle cell anemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, herpes, diabetes, xanthelasma, jaundice and liver issues, some forms of arthritis and more all have early warning signs that are visible in the eyes. So having your eyes checked is important to your vision but it is just as important for your overall physical well being.

    Annual eye exam for children

    Annual eye exams are very important for children as well as adults. At about the age of six months, and again at age three, most pediatricians screen children for potential eye problems. If you are concerned about something in particular, or if you have a family history of childhood eye problems, your child should be seen by a pediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist. Otherwise, a comprehensive eye examination should be performed between the ages of four and six. This is very important because at this point children start school. Often, children have trouble reading or seeing the board at school, however because they have never seen any differently they do not realize it. Having a doctor examine your child’s vision is very important to their eye health as well as their education. Sometimes what may be describe as a learning disability can be as simple as the child needing a pair of glasses and the parents and teachers never knew it. Undetected vision problems at a young age can set a child up for learning disabilities and other issues.

    Annual eye exam for adults

    Annual Eye Exam Kuwait

    If you are an adult under the age of 40, have good vision, and no family history of eye disease, having an eye exam every two to three years is recommended. However, due to advancements in technology that has increased our visual demands, people are experiencing eye problems at a younger age. If you begin having eye problems while using your iPhone or smart phone, or while surfing the internet, you may want to schedule eye exams closer together. We use 40 as the cut-off point because generally around this stage of life, your eyes and vision begin to change and we begin to see signs of the aging process. Just like you get an annual physical for your body, no matter what the age and even if you are healthy, you need an annual exam for your eyes. With that said, please know that you should always seek care immediately if you notice anything different or strange about your eyes or vision.

    Annual eye exam for adults over 40

    After the age of 40, it is important that you get into the habit of having an eye exam every year. At around 60 years of age, annual eye examinations are recommended because of the increased risk of developing cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, other eye diseases and systemic physical ailments that show symptoms in the eyes.

    If you are due for your annual eye exam, schedule a consultation with the ophthalmologists at Beverly Hills Medical Center of Kuwait today by calling +(965)-222-89999.

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