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رفع / شد الجبهة والحاجبين

Typically show the first signs of progress in the area of ​​the front and Age eyebrows, where the skin begins to lose elasticity and relaxation and sagging. The natural factors such as sun, wind, and gravity affect on the face with the passage of time, which leads to the appearance of frown lines, forehead lines, wrinkles, and increasing the weight of the eyebrows. It is known that the aging process is not limited impact on low and drooping eyebrows on the face, but it works on the emergence of excess skin in the upper eyelid, causing sagging as the outer part of the eyelids.

Fortunately, plastic surgeons working on improving our all these characteristics in the face. With taking them into account differences in the manifestations of aging in both men and women, as well as the successive developments in medical technology, and the use of different methods in pulling the brow and forehead. And could all persons interested in learning how they affect raise eyebrows in the front and improve the shape, to learn about how to implement these procedures and expectations associated with them.

Are suits me the process of lifting / pulling the front and eyebrows?

First, as is the case with any surgical procedure is optional, it is very important that a person is in good health and has realistic expectations about the results. Moreover, the process fit all those who have:

• Loss of skin elasticity Front
• drooping eyebrows
• frown lines
• wrinkles in the front
• Increase the weight of the eyebrows
• deep groove between the eyes

To make sure that can be done when you lift the eyebrows, try to put your hands above your brows, outside edges of your eyes, and gently lift the skin up to the top.

Decision making process of lifting / pulling the front and eyebrows

It is very important to consult a plastic surgeon qualified and experienced, and whether it was the target of the push relates to the functions of the front face or cosmetic purpose. Qualified surgeon will spend a lot of time during the consultation, in order to study the structure of the face, the case of the skin, hair, and in order to decide where and how they will work surgical incisions. The surgeon will examine the patient’s medical history to determine medical conditions that may increase the risk of surgery. During the consultation, should be directing a lot of questions for the doctor and speak well and clearly about the potential risks of the procedure.

Once the decision to conduct the process of tightening the forehead, the surgeon will explain the procedure in detail, the type of anesthesia, and place of the procedure, and the need for any additional process, in addition to providing all the explanations concerning the risks and costs.

Understanding lift surgery / tighten the front and eyebrows

There are several options to raise the front, and the main difference is the position of the surgical incision. The traditional way is an incision slightly behind the line of natural hair. The alternative will be the work of a surgical incision is directly on the middle line of natural hair. In general, recovering this type of incision positively has the advantage of reducing the level / hair line. The drawback in some cases it is possible to leave a scar impact dramatically and significantly. Possible action incision within the folds of the front, and this method is used a lot in the operations of men, and are characterized by lines, who are too deep in the front.

The procedure for tightening the front is the latest endoscopic at all, where is the work of small incisions (1/2 to 1 inch) behind the hairline. Although this technique may require more time, but the surgical work is limited and requires anesthesia temporary head. On average, it usually takes this procedure than an hour to two hours, and requires light anesthesia and simple.

After making the process of lifting / pulling the front and forehead

After the procedure, swelling and bruising occur during a period of 10 days following the surgery. And cold compresses help to mitigate those effects. May heal wounds consistent with some feeling of numbness and itching, and will hide this feeling with the passage of time. It is recommended to keep the head elevated to reduce swelling and for a period of not less than 1-2 weeks. It is expected to remove the sutures during the week of the operation. In the case of the use of bandages, it is usually removed within 1-3 days, and could return to work as soon as removed. In general, the recovery period requires two weeks. The apparent final results of the process after the expiry of the month.

If you are interested in the process of lifting / tightening the forehead and eyebrows, take the trouble doing appointment to see beauty expert in “Beverly Hills Kuwait” and get medical advice. Today you can contact directly at the following number: A + (965) -222-8999 9

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